Case Studies

Case study

In her time working in the mines, Karly developed a strong commitment to skill advancement for her colleagues. Motivated by this passion, she founded her training business with a clear mission: provide quality training programs for individuals seeking to elevate their industry-specific skills. To establish credibility, Karly chose to use the scope of a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), so that she could accredit her programs.

Faced with escalating costs and inconsistent changes in accreditation procedures from the RTO, Karly opted to establish her own RTO.  Working with Merinda Karly set up her own RTO and gained the flexibility to tailor the mining processes to her clients needs. Adamant to meet the training package requirements, whilst ensuring she met the clients needs, she established consistency in her training programs. This move not only brought financial relief but also enhanced the overall student experience by providing a more streamlined and reliable framework, free from external uncertainties.

Case study 2 

George was a trainer in the High Risk area and wished to set up his own RTO so he had control over the material, the students and the qualifications. He found F4 Solutions (RTO Mentor) and commenced the journey to the application process with them. “Seriously Merinda has a fountain of knowledge and she helped me throughout the process, she even understands my language (regarding the high-risk work). I couldn’t have done it without her step-by-step process, and guidance along the way.”      


Case study 3

Tim purchased the online RTO Success course as he was working 9-5 and wanted to set up his RTO on weekends and after hours, without his boss knowing. The course suited his situation perfectly. The process of developing his RTO took him 5 months when he applied to be registered. “Thank you for your assistance, the great products, the tutorials, information and the additional support to get my RTO across the line. It was a long journey for me, however that was my doing, and nothing to do with your product. I certainly recommend the online RTO Success product to anyone who wishes to set up their RTO themselves, it is easy to understand and totally worth it. For me my journey has just begun, and I know my knowledge will assist me greatly.”


Case study 4 

Pat worked in the High Risk field and knew he had an opportunity to train others through his own RTO. He wanted the experience from someone who had done it all before, and someone he knew would provide him a step-by-step process to enable him to manage the RTO once it was registered. He contacted F4 Solutions following a recommendation of their services. Pat was mentored by Merinda and he developed an RTO to meet his target market needs. He passed his audit with 100% compliance, and as he says received just ” A small recommendation, which was my fault for not implementing”.


Case study 5

Jane knew about RTOs and was prepared to put in the work with setting up everything herself, however she wanted templates for the RTO Systems that he could then use to develop her own system. She purchased the systems from F4 Solutions. “Just a quick email to let you know that our audit for registration was conducted earlier this week and we have passed it and are waiting for our number to be issued once checks and balances have been completed back in the ASQA Brisbane office. I would like to say thank you for all the wonderful templates tools that you provided to us and these were key to major parts of gaining registration. I would like to thank you for the services you provide even though we only used your tools and not your time I’m sure that others who have spent less time in RTO land than ourselves will appreciate all facets of your service. Thanks again. Jane”RTO Consulting Service

More reviews 

For more reviews of what people have told us go to the RTO Mentor site . These comments come from all the different aspects of an RTO – setting up, getting people through non-compliance audits, conducting RTO reviews and assiting with developing assessment tools, recruiting staff and developing training materials. Our work is diverse and we meet all sorts of people along the way.