RTO Registration

There’s nothing worse than deciding to start the RTO set up process, and you get bogged down in websites, RTO registration Consultants saying this and that, and all of it is conflicting! Commencing your research means you want to get started, not stopped.


Compliance can’t be that hard!


Finally, you find you are so confused you stop and vow to come back later. When you do it is to more confusion, and a maze of information, and after another wasted 5 hours, you still have got nowhere.


This is where we can help. 

RTO Success is an Online course comprising over 20 bite-size video lectures, supported by workbooks, exercisesworksheets 

and online discussion. We’ll step you through the process of designing your RTO business ready for your audit. Ready to use in your own space and your own time. No wasted time, all valuable useable information. In fact the information is so useful, you can refer back to again once you are registered.  

How to

Set-Up your RTO

Become an RTO Success

It is a process to get your compliance needs for face to face and online training. 

Our RTO Success model is as easy as 1, 2, 3.


The end result is success – RTO Success!


  1. Peace of mind
  2. Clear path to follow
  3. Audit success

Packed full of bite-sized video lectures, supported by workbooksworksheets, excercises and online discussion, we’ll step you through the process of designing your RTO business.


Starting with an online course and with an increased budget moving to weekly mentoring sessions and support in meeting your compliance. 



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