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How to set up Your RTO with expert help

The first option for your journey is using the most economical method of the RTO Success which is our Starter Pack. 

Our RTO Success model is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

The end result is success – RTO Success!

  1. Peace of mind
  2. Clear path to follow
  3. Audit success

Packed full of bite-sized video lectures, supported by workbooks, worksheets, excercises and online discussion, we’ll step you through the process of designing your RTO business.

You know this solution is one of the best decisions you will make in your entire life.

Australia’s leading training to become a Registered Training Organisation.

…experience the value of a step by step method on how to master the compliance requirements

The training goes through absolutely everything you need to know about RTO registration. Plus we give you additional information to ensure you create a quality business. Everything that is needed to do, act upon, prepare and consider so you can become an RTO. By the end you will have a complete business demonstrating your commitment to the Standards and delivering your quality product.

By the end of the training, you will not only ready for your RTO application, but also be able to share that information with your Auditor. Your knowledge of why you have set up your business the way you have will shine in the audit, and demonstrate a clear understanding of the RTO compliance requirements.

Videos, audio, Downloadable word, excel, PowerPoint, manuals, actions


Description: Here’s something special we think will help you with your success with developing an RTO. If you’re keen to get quick results with a new RTO business, we know you’re going to love this!

RTO Success – Providing you with everything you need to know to set up your RTO, put in the registration and be ready for audit.

Access to 5 hours coaching* to support you and answer all of your questions .
RTO Systems - Ready to use compliant tools and templates to meet all your RTO business systems requirements; 122 documents, policies, procedures, forms, templates PLUS much, much more to use as your RTO foundation.
Videos full of explanations on what to do
Step by step guidance packed with information to set up your RTO and maintain its compliance
Action tasks for you to complete
The tools and knowledge to required to meet the Auditor, and show them your RTO
The RTO Success provides you clear understanding of what is required, so you have the knowledge to build that successful RTO business.
Compliance solutions that allow your audit to be as pain free as possible.
Timeframe set by you for completion.

Starter Pack - RTO Success

Videos, audio, Downloadable word, excel, PowerPoint, manuals, actions PLUS 5 hours coaching*


This incredible price is awesome value – and you can use the coaching time in whatever way you wish – email contact to review/amend documents, skype, or other internet connections. Plus any updates that impact your situation, as they may occur from the Regulator delivered straight to your email. This is extremely valuable to have someone keeping you and your RTO on the right track.

By following the step by step process you are guaranteed to build a business model and systems that not only meet the STANDARDS, but ensure you discover the secrets of owning your own RTO. The information is easy to follow, 100% content on every angle of meeting your compliance.

The RTO Success covers everything yet it is intense. The success of the program depends on your ability to implement the actions as detailed. To help you the course is full of recent examples and explanations. I have tried to use my years of experience in managing various RTO’s and working with people just like you in setting up an RTO (enterprise, public, private – big and small business) in thinking about every possibility. If you believe you have the ability to implement, then 

Email now for your RTO Success

* coaching is conducted via the internet, email, skype

Other options

This solution is our Starter Pack

There are many other options including more support, more done for you and customised to suit your needs.

Call us today to find out how we can support you and your RTO. 

“Our experience working with Merinda was very positive, she is well informed and educated in industry updates and developments. Merinda was very thorough when reviewing our documents, offered great advice and pointed us in the right direction towards maintaining compliance, showing us how to pass our audit.”


“Merinda’s professionalism, knowledge and support documents have been exceptional. Merinda has taken the time to follow up on numerous occasions to see how I was tracking with my initial RTO registration. Her patience has been appreciated, and we passed our audit first time”

Joanne RTO Success client

Setting up a fully-compliant best-practice RTO is not an easy undertaking – and as a remote, Indigenous-focused RTO we were expecting our first audit to be a complicated process. Luckily we were refereed to Merinda Smith and F4 solutions, and thanks to her efforts our first year audit was entirely without any queries. We even received compliments from the Auditor about our process that are a fantastic endorsement to Merinda’s work, especially as we had added new certificates to our scope just weeks before the audit. We highly recommend Merinda Smith and F4 Solutions as the way forward for small RTOs – for her solution-focussed positive approach and the wide range of compliance and process skills she has to offer. Overall, it’s a pleasure dealing with F4 Solutions and we appreciate how much time and effort we have saved by getting things right the first time.

John Vos, Remote Regional RTO

Thank you very much for your assistance in developing course material, getting us through the audit and putting some valuable systems in place; you have done a supreme job and I am very grateful for your work. Love your ability to work remotely, yet get the job done.


You know this solution is one of the best decisions you will make in your entire life.

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