RTO Setup & Business Consulting

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RTO Mentor

RTO set up, compliance and Business Coach 

If you are looking for someone to map your RTO business path. 

Some people need someone there regularly, not just online. We clarify where you’re heading and the steps to get there through RTO coaching. If you are looking for a solution where we hold your hand throughout the process this is perfect for you. Depending on your needs, we can visit your office, reviewing your documents, conduct an internal audit prior to your ASQA/TAC audit. This solution is perfect for someone who needs to be guided to get things done. 


If you are looking for an online solution. 

There are others who need the guidance, but not the ongoing support, or they wish to reduce their budget and are prepared to do the work themself. If this is you then the online solution is for you. We provide the steps to get through the RTO compliance in our online course called RTO Success. 


The complete guide to an RTO business

  • Save time and money through using the prepared RTO systems (policies & processes), and embrace your own RTO through the videos, workbooks, excercises, worksheets and online disucssions. Understand the needs of your students and how to attract quality customers whilst meeting compliance with targeted marketing. 
  • If you are looking or a solution that is flexible and can be implemented in your own home than RTO Success is perfect for you. 

RTO and Business Coaching – online and in the comfort of your office. Contact Merinda to find out more.