We’re giving back

We believe that businesses with a real sense of purpose can change our world.

RTO Mentor owner and founder, Merinda Smith is passionate about having the ability to change our world. We do this by giving back, giving a service to others, and making the world a better place for everyone. As a member of B1G1 Business for Good, RTO Mentor is able to bring about positive change in communities across the world and in the daily lives of those in need through our everyday business transactions.  

Through B1G1 over 2,000 businesses (and their customers!) we have collectively equipped villages with access to clean water, provided essential medical treatment, medical equipment, supplies, nourishment, education, and training to thousands of people worldwide. At RTO Mentor we focus on educational, mentoring and training services. As we grow, so will our ability to change our world. 

Together we are a part of something much bigger.  

Enquire today to see how your new business can support others around the world. 

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