Building relationships to set up your RTO

After I work with a client to set up your RTO I go about looking at their success and reviewing what did and didn’t work. As the lead consultant at RTO Mentor I have been setting up RTOs for others for over 8 years now, so we have some great data. After completing all the interviews I started to see a pattern.

Everyone who succeeded told me a story, a story about them. It wasn’t like they got through the audit, and one month later they were financially free. They all had to build up their audience (students) and income over time. There were no get rich quick stories, just consistent work towards a life changing goal.

So then I wanted to reflect on all the other people who had started with a dream who had NOT even put in an application. Most of them started out eager and motivated, but within a few months they were gone.

They didn’t follow through. They gave up.

As soon as things got tough they let their negative emotions win.

This led me to a big realization…

You Need a Support System

In order to help more people succeed, I needed to provide bigger support.

People need a place to turn to where they can find other people like them, mentors and a coach, for when times get tough — and things will get tough many times over many years as you grow a any business, let alone an RTO.

So we have included extra support – one on one coaching to help you get through the times when you consider giving up, or changing your business direction, or just feeling down and unmotivated. The support provides someone to guide you, provide feedback and pull you ‘out of the mud’.

We know when you are alone and allowing your feelings to grab hold of you it can be very lonely. If you are your only support system is you, but you’re feeling a bunch of negative emotions and thinking negative thoughts — how are you expected to help yourself?


Building Relationships

When we work with someone who we have built a relationship with it is more than just hiring a random coach when you feel lost. A short term coach doesn’t know you, your history, what you have been through so far. They’re taking you at face value and trying to figure out how to guide you based on whatever you tell them in one conversation.

A relationship that is long term becomes effective. Effective for you and your business.

It is just like a friendship; it takes time to develop a deeper connection and understanding of each other. I believe this is also what is necessary to become successful with your RTO business.

You need a support system that is based on long term relationships.

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