8 facets to your RTO – video

How to become an RTO. 
People who want to become an RTO want help form someone who knows what they are doing. In the past eight or so years we have helped many people bring their dream of having an RTO into reality and pass audit time and time again. If an RTO is important for your lifestyle and goals then you can gain valuable compliance tips from RTO Mentor (formally F4 Solutions). We continually share our latest audit experiences with you. 

We have helped a variety of industries and people including; Aged Care training providers, Real estate, Counselling services, Training and Assessment, High Risk providers, Electrical, Phlebotomists, Physiotherapists, Massage Therapists and Transport and Logistics (warehousing, truck driving, rail operations, logistics) training providers to become an RTO. This huge variety of experience helps you in many ways. 

There is one thing that these smart people all have in common, that is they all decided to take their dream of setting up an RTO and put it into reality. A reality of being able to train their clients, their way and meeting their own compliance. They made it happen; with the assistance of a professional who supports them during the registration process, as well as post audit. Supporting them to understand the requirements and how their specific circumstances can be met. Supporting them with understanding how to meet it again when they choose to add scope, or the Training packages change. Providing them with detailed information they can use over and over. 

Running a successful RTO means you are building on strong foundations. RTO Mentor can help you to achieve your goal and run a very successful and profitable RTO. For all of your RTO Advice and RTO Compliance tips contact Merinda and her team today. 
We offer completed solutions, or Do it Yourself. You choose which one works for your particular circumstance. 

become an RTO


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