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RTO Marketing Practices are Critical for your business

Gaining new business means you need to conduct RTO Marketing of your services. Are you certain that your RTO is compliant with the latest National Standards for Registered Training Organisations?

Recently TAC (the WA regulator) conducted an audit on many of its RTOs for their marketing practices. At ASQA it is also an area of non-compliance. If you are with ASQA or planning on setting up an RTO under ASQA, this blog content still applies. 

Why do many RTO’s fail in marketing compliance? A simple message to a customer could mean a minor to a critical non-compliance for an RTO. This depends on the severity of the issue the Regulator identifies.

If, for whatever reason, a non-compliance is identified, it may trigger a full audit of your RTO.

What are the RTO marketing guidelines?

RTO Marketing Policy Requirements

Standard 4, under Clause 4.1 of the Standards for RTOs 2015.

The RTO is responsible for ensuring transparent and accurate information about RTO services and performance is accessible to prospective and current learners and clients of the RTO, regardless of any arrangements to have this information distributed on behalf of the RTO.

Include your RTO code in all marketing materials

Your RTO code is a registration code given to your RTO on the National Register (training.gov.au).  Marketing materials include advertising your training products, courses, and qualifications, any flyers, social media posts, student information brochures. They all must include your RTO code. 

  • If you have a third-party agreement where someone markets on your behalf, your RTO code must be present on these marketing materials also.
  • Any training business that uses your scope, needs to identify your RTO code

Say what you do

In all the marketing you need to ensure it represents the services you provide and only the training products on your scope of registration. Ensure information regarding arrangements for funding, VET FEE-HELP, and any other government loan or subsidy is easily accessible to potential learners. 

Properly use the Nationally Recognised Training logo 

When using the Nationally Recognised Training (NRT) logo you must adhere to the conditions of use. The logo itself confirms that training is nationally recognised, and leads to the issuance of AQF certification documentation. Any other training or assessment delivered by the RTO that is not nationally recognised must not be near the logo. The easy way is to keep the NRT only on pages where you discuss your registered scope. Separate your marketing materials for nationally recognised training vs. other training products that are not nationally recognised. This reduces any confusion to prospective learners on course promotional material.

Obtain the official NRT logo from ASQA or TAC.

If your RTO offers and promotes a nationally recognised training, you can obtain a copy of the NRT logo by sending an email from an RTO contact listed on the National Register. Or email ASQA or TAC directly. 

Reference to others 

If you refer to others in your marketing through:

  • logos
  • pictures
  • text
  • videos

you need to gain consent from all involved whether it is indivdual or an organisation. 

Include the code and full title of the training product

All your marketing and recruitment materials must include the code and full title of the training product as listed on the National Register. Remember it must be the most current, and what you have on scope. 

Avoid false promises

All marketing materials must only provide true and accurate information about the training. You must not guarantee that:

  • A student can successfully complete a training product on its scope of registration.
  • Any employment will be gained upon completion of training, unless you have made arrangements and agreements with valid employers.
  • The course can be completed in a manner which does not meet the Training Package requirements
  • A student will gain a license following the training and/or assessment; unless the license/accreditation issuer has confirmed this

Marketing Policy RTO marketing

There is no requirement that RTOs MUST have marketing and advertising policies. RTO Mentor strongly recommends that RTOs ensure all marketing materials are systematically checked and approved by someone familiar with the standards. Use robust checklists and tools – and work to any requirements that you state in your policy. Regularly monitor to remain current and accurate, as well as keeping your business sustainable.

Always make sure that your RTO’s marketing materials are consistent with your Training and Assessment Strategies(TAS)


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